Make changes for the future of work
with high performance, high-energy people and happy patrons

Adjust behaviour and processes, so your people smile on Monday mornings (and your patrons recommend you every day) – without fuss, frustrations and taking focus away from your core business.


Avoid wasting time, money and trust and ensure that your changes will really make a difference – and get done. You will make the future state tangible and specific and get to know the real obstacles of your current state, which you need to tune, twist or turn around.

Diagnosing ensures that you:

  • Know stakeholders, their demands and the successcriteria of a tangible future state
  • Have solid analyses of the problem, current culture/behaviours, structures, systems and communication to change the right thing
  • Scope, hands and budget to succeed in managing the project


The first idea (from the boss, sorry) has often turned out not to be the best idea. Make sure to improve – and not implode – your process or people actions, before you start rolling out an finetune, twist or turn-around.

Designing ensures that you:

  • Create multiple ideas, select, test and adjust the preferred ones before deployment.
  • Involve every day specialists to ensure a viable and desirable change
  • Find the right ways to ensure motivation, mastery and mandate for change
  • Package it all into your minimal and most simple change concept

Drive daily

Avoid the rubberband effect: Once you have stretched methods or mindsets and let go for just a second, they will rush back to their original state. Unless of course you have put a peg into the new state to hold it to shape.

Driving daily ensures that you:

  • Sustain the new state with your procedures and structures
  • Train new people in the new state – not the old one
  • Track, check and adjust the desired outsome of all your change efforts
  • Own the change internally as it transitions from a project to daily practice.

Scale for succes

Once you have succesfully implemented the first change, you can add the steps DEVELOP & DISPERSE to build on your improvement to adjacent contexts or to scale the solution to multiple areas in your business.

    Deliver a great employee experience, so they can deliver a great customer experience: Win the employees, before you win the market.

    A helping hand for business leaders, who wants a workplace as a differentiator

    I help business leaders create succesful changes to your culture and organization, so your people are allowed to perform at their best and the business can prosper and grow.

    If you have.. 

    • Processes, which are slow, expensive or fail
    • Projects, which do not deliver improvements
    • People, who are demotivated or leave

      ..or an intangible issue, you don’t know how to get your head and hands around to fix in your employee journey or culture.

    ..Then I can help you to

    • Find the root cause
    • Find the simplest solution
    • Manage the change from idea to result
    • Get your project moving and re-energized
    • Guide your people confidently to the new ”way-we-work-around-here”

    You can choose the format, which fits your need: 

    Change kick-start

    A workshop and follow-up sparring to get you going in the right way.

    Change journey mentor

    A short series of facilitated activities, where I train and mentor your team in between on your own actions and progress.

    Change & project management

    Hand and brains on loan to diagnose, design and drive your change for 3-9 months, before you insource the project management.

    I love the issues, which give you gray hair and late hours

    I work with micro-, medium and large changes internally in organizations, so you make it easy and enjoyable for your employee to deliver for your customers.

    Workplace issues, I love to solve:

    • High absence or turn-over
    • Long time from hired to productive
    • Low scores on internal workplace ratings
    • Activities, which are neither moving, nor improving

    Brand issues, I love to solve:

    • Customer complaints or low quality
    • High cost
    • Changed market conditions, which you need to adapt to
    • Not enough candidates for open positions

    If you work strategically, I help to prevent obstacles with e.g. pre-mortem analyses, planning, structured follow-up and measurements, which make sense.

    Meet the culture changer

    You will get help from Pia (that’s me). I want everyone to have a work life, which they love and is worth their time and effort – both for themselves and their employer.

    I have been on the floor and in the field myself and implemented multiple sized changes as a senior executive responsible for HR, communications, process improvement and customer orientation. I have a lot of change journey miles on me as a process consultant, facilitator and people manager. You get access to more than 20 years of experience in improving inside-out to deliver outside-in and with a formula of how to become a Great Place To Work in my back pocket.

    Want to see, if our chemistry and competencies match? Then let’s talk. You are welcome to book 15 min straight into my schedule – but you are also welcome to just drop me an email or call me. We have to get going, right?

    Get to know me • Get to know me •

    Here are 5 reasons to work with me

    Reason #1

    I have done it all before and for others – successfully, mind you.

    Reason #2

    I can most likely do things, your own stars can’t do(yet) and I love to share insights, inspiration and the ability to implement yourself next time (so you don’t need me again).

    Reason #3

    I am easy to hire and fire and a flexible workforce is all the rage in a volatile market.

    Reason #4

    I can be your good or bad cop from the outside world – and people will listen. I know, it’s really unfair – but what works for me will be work done for you.

    Reason #5

    I LOVE what I do and I will make you love it, too! We won’t get bored or burned-out, even when we get busy.


    And a bonus reason: Other clients say that I am very friendly and easy to work with.

    Questions, others have asked (and answers, of course)

    What have you done before?

    Just to mention a few things, I have:

    • Won Great Place to Work with loads of different projects in the remit of efficient HR, employee experience and internal communications
    • Helped turn-around customer services
    • Shortened response times towards clients
    • Implemented digital platforms to small and huge populations
    • Designed and run culture building programmes with manager and specialist trainings both physically and virtually
    • Facilitated numerous strategy workshops
    • Translated business strategies into support function strategies myself
    • Followed-up, designed performance management and data analyses, aligned product portfolios and improved customer communications – and lots, lots more.

    You can check out my CV on LinkedIn – or just ask.

    Which languages do you facilitate in?

    The Queens English – and Danish. If you are in the Nordics, we’ll understand each other fairly well in our mother tongues, but my German and French are tourist level only, je regrette.

    Where are you located?

    I physically reside just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Day-to-day, we’d connect virtually and on occassion and if need be, I will travel to be on-site.

    Do you need to improve your
    organisation now or later?

    If you experience issues to deliver high employee satisfaction and or high customer satisfaction, then I’d advise your to consider changes as a NOW-priority.

    When you are ready to get a hand to improve your organization, then I can help you get started, get a structured and strategic approach or supplement your own team.

    If you are looking to adjust to changing conditions or twist your current high performing and passionate organization to sustain it, then change may be a LATER-priority.

    I would love to keep in touch with you, until you may need my help. Until then, you can get hands-on advice on my LinkedIn-profile – and if you ask to connect, I guarantee that I will accept your invitation.

    You can also sign up for advice right into your inbox here